Your success is our mission and it means that we make it easier for your company and your team to achieve your goals and grow as a professional. By registering qualified opportunities (from a deal size of 6,500.00 to up to 115,000.00 – possible list price) you protect your commitment to the final customer and you can get Frontend discounts on the price of the license list by unlocking your opportunity and receiving your deal Registration Registration Number (DRAN). Find out why customers and industry analysts see Veeam as a clear leader in discounts on approved deal registrations: as a Veeam partner, you get exclusive access to a multitude of sales and marketing resources that drive your licensing and service business The fast pace of today`s technological innovations forces the digital and physical worlds to collide – and it also changes the way your customers work regardless of their sector. This digital transformation can make or break a business. Indeed, in the digital world, your customers expect 24.7,365 availability. Your customers rely on you to provide them with the best solutions for their business. By selling Veeam, you are using the technology that trusts 400,000 customers, and the top memory, backup application and convergent infrastructures you trusted. With the Veeam ProPartner program, you are able to offer your customers exceptional services and protect their business and generate real added value for their customers. Veeam can thus support its ProPartner optimally in all markets – for the requirements of small businesses up to the business of the company. Veeam`s Accredited Service Partner (VASP) program identifies a selected list of veeam ProPartner, system integrators and IT consultants with the technical skills to provide value-added and reliable professional services for the implementation of Veeam product portfolios.