Microsoft Team also offers a special ALS for call and audio conferencing plans. These are Microsoft`s PSTN carrier services. Microsoft therefore offers a service ALS compared to an ALS with 99.9 hours of operation per month, or up to 43 minutes 49.7 seconds of downtime per month before being exceeded. This corresponds to most other Office 365 services that also offer ALS with 99.9%. Microsoft provides service credits when service availability is below us. We provide financial support for our commitment to achieving and maintaining service levels for each service. If we do not reach and maintain service levels for each service, as described in the service level agreement, you may be entitled to a credit on a portion of your monthly service charge. To learn more about our service level agreements for services, download the Service Level Agreement for Microsoft Online Services. You`ll find information on the system`s operating hours as well as information on security, data protection and compliance on Office 365`s transparent operations. In the event of a service incident, Microsoft recognizes that timely, targeted and accurate communication is essential for customers. Microsoft is notifying administrators by updating its client-specific Health Dashboard (SHD) at the Microsoft 365 Administration Center. Service incident updates are provided on an hourly frequency or, if a different walking frequency is required, indicated in the SHD communication. There is no specific ALS for the “phone system” and related PSTN services such as Auto-waiting cloud and call queues.

Microsoft offers are delivered by highly resistant systems that help maintain service excellence. The provisions for the continuation of services are part of the draft system. These provisions allow Microsoft to quickly re-establish unexpected events such as hardware or application errors, data damage or other user incidents. These continuity-of-service solutions also apply in the event of catastrophic outages (e.g., natural disasters. B or an incident in a Microsoft computing center that renders the entire computing center unusable). Unforeseen downtime: Unforeseen incidents occur when one of the services is not available or unresponsive. If customers also have direct routing, they must consider ALS when routing directly and the PSTN carrier to get a complete picture of ALS for their users. These services would not be provided by Microsoft.

Before entering service requests, clients can access basic knowledge items and FAQs that provide immediate assistance for the most common problems. These resources are constantly updated with the latest information, which helps avoid delays by finding solutions to known problems. However, if there is a problem that requires the help of a support expert; Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone and through the administrative portal by telephone and through the administrative portal. Of course, this applies to Office 365, which is why downtimes are calculated for all Office 365 users, and since Office 365 consists of many individual services, each service may be below these averages and have no real impact on the agency`s overall percentage of operating time. Depending on the location and usage model, percentages of working time higher or lower than overall operating times can be applied to individual customers. Data storage and redundancy: Customer data is stored in a redundant environment with robust data protection features to enable availability, business continuity and rapid recovery. Several levels of data redundancy are implemented, from redundant media to protection against local hard drive errors, to continuous and complete data replication, to a geographically diverse data center. This ALS applies to all authorized calls placed by a v