This book, first published in 1997, has been sold more than 8.2 million times in the United States [1] and has been translated into 46 languages worldwide. [2] The book gained popularity after being supported by Oprah Winfrey in 2001 on the Oprah Winfrey Show and in 2013 in the television series Super Soul Sunday. [3] This book has also been on the New York Times bestseller list for more than a decade. [1] The four agreements show us that there is another way. By freeing ourselves from the structures and expectations of society, we can enter into new agreements for ourselves. The four agreements have sold about 7.2 million times in the United States. Ruiz wrote this book with the wisdom of Toltec (and a good dose of common sense) to show that we should aspire to personal freedom from the constraints that society – and our own mind – put upon us. Follow the platform on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. If what you are reading here today has reached an agreement, I highly recommend you go and get the original book. With only 153 pages, it does a lot of effect per page. “The Four Accords” has left a permanent mark on my life, and I`m sure this “easy-to-read” book will do the same to you. The action is powerful. An idea of a book in the head has no strength, but combines this idea with action, and you have a physical book.

Then it is a book that has the power to change in one way or another the minds of others and the world. That is why the first concordance of this book is to be blameless with your word. But what exactly does that mean? Well, the word “impeccable” means perfect. So you should be perfect or flawless with the words you use to speak to yourself. His posts among the first two can be summed up as follows: “Be aware of the chords that dictate your reality and have the discipline to change it.” You could get a little more out of his writing, but not much. Unfortunately, its indications do not go far beyond a well-designed “Just do it”. Don Miguel Ruiz`s four agreements are a self-help book and I am learning a lot. I appreciate your efforts, you write summary in the right style. Thanks for sharing. The Four Accords is a book that sets up a Mexican indigenous alternative to exploiting the nature of reality and existence. And although the author, Don Miguel Ruiz, identifies as “Toltec,” a broader label of neo-shamanism is probably more realistic. In this book, Don Miguel says that the outside world has a considerable influence on the way we live our lives.

Don Miguel calls it domestication. Domestication is generally not very positive. Instead, it pushes us to be afraid and to judge. Because we are punished and rewarded for evil deeds if we obey the outside world, we are obsessed with rewards. It`s not good for us because it teaches us to follow good deeds to get rewards.