The Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) joint operating agreement (JOA) model was first adopted in 1990 and has been the subject of a series of subsequent revisions. It is the most widespread (although not always the most popular) common enterprise agreement in international conventional oil and gas projects today. Any decision to close facilities and/or facilities is subject to the approval of the Works Council (Article 10.1.A). In the event of authorization, one of the parties may choose to take over the facilities and/or equipment retained for use on the contractual territory as an exclusive operation and to cover any guarantees for the closing costs. The 2012 JOA expands the option of the security agreement under Article 10 of Article JOA 2002 and establishes a new method for determining when the parties should make arrangements to cover foreseeable dismantling commitments. The operator is required to calculate a closure work program and a budget at the end of each calendar year and to provide the other parties with an estimate of the costs of dismantling (Articles 6.3.A.6 and 6.5). Each party has the right, under the 2012 JOA, to propose changes to labour programs and budgets (Article 6.1.H), but these changes must be approved by the Works Council and, if necessary, by government approval. Provisions for the presentation of work programmes and budgets, evaluation, development and production plans will be expanded under the 2012 JOA, with the possibility of including costs, resources and staff estimates (Article 6.1.C). There are new provisions for the procedure for submitting work programmes and budgets for approval by the government, either after approval by the Works Council or when the Works Council has not reached a decision within the time limit in the absence of such authorization (Article 6.1.G). This new provision reduces the risk that the government`s proposal will be rejected by delays by the Works Council and increases the pressure on non-operators to adopt a work programme and budget. In addition, a new optional provision provides for the presentation of an estimated decommissioning work programme and a budget for each draft urban planning plan submitted for review by the Works Council (optional article 6.5). If approved, the operator is required to take all necessary steps to obtain government approval of the dismantling program and budget.