As a professional, one of the most common phrases I come across is "said agreement dated." This phrase is often used when referring to a specific date in a legal document or contract.

While "said agreement dated" may seem like a formal and proper way to reference a particular date, it can actually be quite cumbersome and repetitive. Instead, there are several alternative phrases that can be used to convey the same meaning in a more concise and reader-friendly way.

Firstly, consider using "the agreement dated" or "the contract dated" followed by the specific date. This eliminates the need for the word "said" and still clearly identifies the document being referenced.

Another option is to simply refer to the document by its title or party names, followed by the date. For example, "The Employment Agreement between John Doe and XYZ Company, dated June 1, 2021."

It`s important to remember that while precise language is necessary in legal documents, it`s also important to keep the reader`s experience in mind. Using clearer and more concise language can help avoid confusion and make the document easier to understand.

Additionally, from an SEO perspective, repetitive phrases like "said agreement dated" can detract from the overall readability and relevance of the document. Search engines prioritize content that is easy to read and understand, making it crucial to use clear and concise language.

In summary, while "said agreement dated" may be a common phrase in legal documents, there are alternative ways to reference specific dates that are both clearer and easier to read. By using more concise language, documents can be more reader-friendly and benefit from improved SEO.