CQC has "improved the quality of care" in general practice 23 October 2018 NHS England has published a data sharing and data processing model for PCNs, in collaboration with GPC England available on the NHS England GP contract page - click here. I also attached both documents to this email. If your NCP uses a data processor (a computer/software company) to enable data sharing, who is responsible for managing the contractor? Who owns the contract and meets the requirements of the RGPD? Have you been diligent with respect to the contractor (and all subcontractors) required by the data protection rules? The Crown`s commercial services have issued a useful memo that contains standard contractual clauses for data processing contracts - see Appendix A. NCCP practices can theoretically simply fill in the information required for May 15 and sign the presentation of the PCN agreement in an unmodified form and the data sharing agreement as soon as it becomes available. This may work for a very simple NCP, but is probably not recommended for the majority of NCPs. The agreement is only a proposal and not mandatory. Unfortunately, one size doesn`t suit everyone when it comes to PCN settings. While it is useful to have a model document so that NCPs do not have to develop their own contract, as outlined in the guide, the model does not replace legal advice. There are some legal issues that NCP members must address before concluding and signing their data exchange agreement, including: The new primary care network agreement for NCPs stipulates that there must be an agreement on the exchange of data between member firms and all other organizations with which members` practices wish to share patient data. An agreement on model sharing is promised, but it is still expected. In the meantime, the clock is ticking around June 30 for registration. With a team of more than 200 lawyers and national coverage, we are one of the leading companies that legally advise and support the NHS and independent health organizations.

We act for more than 100 NHS bodies and we are on all national framework agreements - NHS SBS, NHS CPC, HealthTrust Europe, NHS Resolution, NHS Commercial Alliance and CSC. The information needed for June 30 is much more complete and time is running out. NCPs probably do not have the legal and accounting expertise to modify and expand the model of agreement, but most NCPs will want to change the model before signing the legally binding document. As part of the Primary Care Network Documentation Series ("NCP"), NHS England and GPC England have now published a data-sharing contract ("Agreement") and related instructions: you can view the instructions here. Over the years, the role of pharmacists in patient care has gradually increased both in the hospital and in the community and, more recently, in primary care. If you start this work now, you will be well able to complete the standard model as soon as it becomes available. You can see that much of the preliminary work has already been done by The Member States ahead of the implementation of the RGPD. It is important to coordinate at an early stage to avoid unnecessary duplication. If the model is used, it must be developed among members of the Primary Care Network.

Notes are provided at the end of the model. The use of this model is not mandatory. Primary Care Networks is free to close, at its sole discretion, different forms of data sharing and data processing. If the model is used, it must be developed among members of the Primary Care Network. Notes are provided at the end of the model.