As a professional, I have seen many different types of documents and agreements throughout my career. One document that comes up often in business dealings is the NCND agreement. In this article, we will cover what an NCND agreement is, its purpose, and where to find a free template to use.

What is an NCND Agreement?

An NCND agreement, or Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure agreement, is a legal document that outlines a confidential business relationship between two parties. It is often used in international trade and business transactions to protect the interests of the parties involved. The agreement`s primary purpose is to ensure that information shared between the parties is kept confidential and that neither party will circumvent the other to make a deal with a third party.

Why Use an NCND Agreement?

The main reason to use an NCND agreement is to protect confidential information. In international trade, where buyers and sellers are often in different countries, an NCND agreement can provide assurance that both parties will not violate the terms of the agreement. Additionally, an NCND agreement can outline specific terms for how parties can work together, such as commission rates or payment terms.

Where to Find a Free NCND Agreement Template

If you are in need of an NCND agreement, there are many free templates available online. Some reputable sources for templates include legal websites, business forums, and government agencies. However, it is important to ensure that the template you choose is legally valid in your jurisdiction and covers the specific requirements of your business dealings.


In summary, an NCND agreement is a legal document used to protect confidential business relationships between parties involved in international business transactions. It is a valuable tool for ensuring that both parties are protected and that the terms of the agreement are followed. When looking for a free NCND agreement template, be sure to choose a reputable source and ensure that it covers all aspects of your business dealings.