CONSIDERING that the company whose expertise provides security services accepts and accepts the client`s job offer; The company provides security services by assigning staff with the guard and guard post, securing and protecting the premises, as required by the company. The parties agree that the customer pays the company $4,999.00 per security personnel per position for services provided by the Company. Payment is made on the 10th and 25th of each month. Wages are not paid directly or indirectly to security guards and all compensation to be paid to security personnel is paid to the company. The client has the right to supervise security personnel during the shift. If the client has doubts about security personnel, the customer can file a complaint with the Company and the complaint must be resolved accordingly, including, but not only about the replacement of security personnel. This agreement benefits and binds the estates and transfers of the parties. There are essentially two types of loans, including; secured loans and unsecured loans. Unsecured loans are most often personal, i.e. between friends, family members and relatives, for whom secured loans are most often professional between two companies or a bank and the borrower, etc. This process is called collateral and goods are called security. The most common guarantee for loans is real estate or different types of investments, i.e. bonds and stocks.

With the guarantees, the creditor has the guarantee that the debtor will return his debts safely, and even if he cannot or will not, the creditor has the right to sell his security and recover his debts. The company provides staff with the necessary uniform to wear to its service. The company accepts that the customer provides the necessary standards that the company must meet to maintain security in the customer`s premises, to the satisfaction of the customer. The customer can terminate this contract with or without reason by giving the company one month`s notice. Any amendment or amendment to this agreement is not considered to have taken place unless it is made in writing and signed by both parties. It is the customer`s responsibility to make facilities and stations available to security personnel on site.