Hardwood Front Door & Frame, Bakewell, Derbyshire

Before and after. Hardwood, front door and frame with new architraves, factory finished in Traffic White , door in Anthracite Grey , flat panels with bolection mould, espag locking with gold ironmongery   Bakewell, Derbyshire

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Hardwood Casement Windows, Broadbottom, Cheshire

Before and after. Hardwood , top hung casement windows , espag locking on friction hinges , factory finished in Lichen. Broadbottom, Cheshire

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Hardwood Front Door & Frame, Chorlton, Manchester

Before and after. Hardwood front door and frame, traditional raised and fielded panel with bolection mould, encapsulated lead lights, with gold ironmongery. The frame is finished in Traffic White and the door is finished in Indian Ivy 1.

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Arched Porch Doors, Mottram, Cheshire

Before and after. Hardwood double boarded doors with frame, gold ironmongery, finished in Mahogany stain.

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Hardwood Doors and Frames with Mouse Mould, Bradwell, Hope Valley

Hardwood front doors and frames, with espag. multi point locking, factory finished in Cooks Blue with cream mouse moulding. Bradwell, Hope Valley

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Hardwood Pair of Doors, and Hardwood Mullen Staircase Window, Tideswell, Derbyshire

Pair of hardwood traditional front doors, complete with bolection mould, factory finished in Hicks Blue with black ironmongery, espag. multi point locking. Staircase hardwood window, fitted to stone mullein opening. Factory finished in  Traffic White with matching architraves, linings and window bottom. Tideswell, Derbyshire.

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Hardwood Sliding Sash Windows, Chinley, High Peak

Hardwood sliding sash windows, on UK balance springs, factory finished in Old White, Chinley, High Peak

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Hardwood Windows with Lead Lights, timber linings/window bottoms/architraves , Didsbury Cheshire

Hardwood windows using existing stained glass, now cleaned and encapsulated in double glazed units. Factory finished in Traffic White, Didsbury, Cheshire

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Hardwood Bay Type Window, with French Style Patio Doors, Alderly Edge, Cheshire

Before and after project in its various stages. Hardwood Bay type window with a pair of French style doors. Factory finished in Traffic White, with black ironmongery.

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Hardwood Door and Frame, Grindleford, Derbyshire

Hardwood door and frame. Factory finished in Chartwell Green , with leaded aperture. Grindleford, Derbyshire.

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