If the consideration is less than 50 rupees (rule 50/-), the stamp duty payable is 75 Paise (rule 0.75/-). Stamp duty on the agreement or agreement under Article 5 (h) of the karnataka stamp duty calendar in relation to the mortgage article. 54 of Schedule 1A of the West Bengal Stamp Act stipulates that stamp duty on the repatriation of the mortgaged property is six per cent of market value if the consideration does not exceed Rs./- in areas covered by the Kolkata Improvement Act, 1911 or Howrah Improvement Act 1956, or other communal entities. However, if the real estate is not located in municipal factories, the stamp duty is five percent (5 percent). market value. In all other cases, the stamp duty to be paid is one hundred (Rs.100/-). Section 37 of Schedule 1 of the Bombay Stamp Act stipulates that stamp duty must be included on the letter of guarantee of 100 rupees. Article 27 of Schedule 1A of the Delhi Stamp Act transfers stamp duty on bonds by approval or by a separate transfer instrument of three and seventy-five Paise (Rs.3.75/-) for each rupee five hundred Rs 500 if it exceeds one thousand rupees (Rs. 1000/-). In the event that possession is not given or agreed to be given, the stamp duty paid is five rupees per mile, or 0.5% for the amount guaranteed by that deed. The low cap for the payment of stamp duty is one hundred rupees (Rs. 100/-) and the top cap is ten lakh rupees.

2) Introduction of Section 17 (1) (A) of the Indian Registration Act, which entered into transfer contracts for compensation for real estate under Section 53 (A) of the Property Transfer Act, including the mandatory transfer agreement. Article 27 of Schedule 1A of the West Bengal Postage Stamp Act provides stamp duty on obligations as approval or by the separate transmission instrument. Stamp duty ranges from the lowest 10 paise on the amount of no more than 10 rupees to three rupees and seventy-five paises if it falls between Rs.