2 Army M-S Domains SWDT ApproachTraining – Distribution IAW TPO OneSAF Approved Plan Hub/Spoke Concept 222 Approach 2 Training and Distribution Teams 2 Mobile OneSAF Training Labs (MOTL) 2 weeks on site. The TRADOC Project Office, in coordination with the three domain representatives, has established a priority list of sites where OneSAF will be stationed. This list served as the basis for planning distribution efforts and awarding the SWDT contract. AEgis is the selected contractor that makes the current guidelines available to IAW distribution efforts. The Hub/Spoke concept has been identified as the most effective method for executing the many distributions. The sites have been grouped according to the geographical proximity of an established hub. The hubs were built on the basis of ??? Two training teams have been set up and equipped with a Mobile Training Lab to carry out the 4 SWDT Overall Assessment to DatePlus calendar of 600 new operators/users trained since October 06 (three domains, co-developers and government) Team SWDT that learns from each distribution and improves the availability on each site, which is required at the end of each session. The OneSAF-I2S system offers configuration control, distribution agreement management and support for national and international efforts, making several simulation tools in research, development and acquisition redundant. Advanced concepts and requirements; and training, exercises and military operations domains M-S. 12 SWDT Pre-planning ActivitiesCoordinez if necessary 4 – 6 weeks of team leader sends Site Survey Checklist, HBL, SBL and Draft POI Team Leader begins the first direct coordination with the site 2 – 4 weeks out of the site survey calendar (if necessary) Engunten Requirements Prevent global OneSAF Prep MOTL for training In order to provide a line of Simulation product that meets the modeling and simulation needs of current and future research, development and acquisition to eliminate the need for multiple simulation tools in research, development and acquisition; Advanced concepts and requirements; and training, exercises and military operations domains M-S.

Provide software solutions to support live, virtual and constructive applications (LVC) by promoting common components, interoperability, standardization and reuse. 32 Thursday, October 18, 2007 Exercise All AAR All Out Brief All 1230-UTC Pack and boat MOTL SWDT National Finance Center 2008 EmpowHR 9.0 Customer Forum Billy Dantagnan Teracore. 23 Mini-exercise Vignette 1 Urban Operation (PLT) Exercise Vignette 2 Urban Operations (CO) . OneSAF has been designed to represent modular and future power and provides units, units and behaviors across the full range of military operations. OneSAF was designed to simulate aspects of the urban environment and its effects on simulated activities and behaviours. Particular attention has been paid to the details of urban exploitation, including interiors, furniture, tunnels and underground features, as well as the associated automated behaviours associated with these attributes. OneSAF is unique in its ability to model the behavior of firefighters at the enterprise for all combat and non-combat units. Intelligent and doctrinally correct behaviors and a set of constructive, gaming and virtual user interfaces are provided to increase the margin of control for desktop operators. The OneSAF user community consists of other army program executive offices (PEOs) and program managers (PMs); Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Battle Labs; Development and Engineering Centres (RDEC) and agencies; Other common services and agencies Abroad with the exception of the Ministry of Defence (DoD) organizations and government authorities; Academic institutions and other co-developers.