176 – Service Partners undertakes to make at least the following capital investments and/or transport operations in order to establish a transit speed and reliability performance to support the legitimate central route #_____. List/describe improvements in detail when needed with graphics/drawings. B. Additional support measures implemented by service partner 1. Service Partner also states that it is ready to implement the following support measures: as outlined in the speed and insurance partnership evaluation criteria, additional measures may include: implementing innovative phasing strategies or transit signal timing; providing infrastructure, preferably fibre optic, to facilitate communication between priority on-site transit signalling equipment and return from the field to the service partner and the metro transit; Adding sidewalks for transit terminals or layovers; Setting up parking space management to increase the attractiveness of wrinklesharing; Implementing passport grants and support programs to achieve a higher level of conduct; Take other steps to improve the pedestrian environment. [List/describe support measures that the service partner is willing to implement] C. In-service Investment Date When the service partner implements the Section A traffic speed improvement measures up to the completion date ____x date described in point 3.1 of this agreement, the county programs the service described in point 2.1 to begin modifying the service if this completion date is not met, the service partner must take the necessary steps no later than five (5) years after the implementation of this agreement, in order to retain the authorization of an extended transit service under this service partnership. However, if the initial completion date is changed, the deadline for opening the extended transit service will have to be renegotiated with the county as soon as a revised completion date is set. D.

Service Description This section contains a description of the agreed service; the specificity of this description should vary by mutual agreement. The degree of detail is influenced by the period between the implementation of this agreement and the qualification for additional investment in services. If the service description is to be fairly general at the time of implementation of this Agreement, contracting parties may ratify a more detailed-than-expected service agreement, which can be ratified administratively E. Reference criteria for evaluating performance planning for growth: Colorado`s intergovernmental agreements are a manual for local officials and public servants considering cooperative planning, including intergovernmental agreements. Developing an IGA can be a challenge, and this manual provides insight into the process, when and how they are used, frequently asked questions and state-wide example agreements. Check out more examples from Colorado in the list below.