They live in accommodation specially made available to the elderly and (in some cases) people with disabilities We understand that not all houses are a suitable environment to house a pet. This is particularly relevant for the accommodation of cats and dogs in accommodation with common entrances and common areas. You must use the property in a “tenant-like” manner, and if you violate any of your responsibilities, you could compromise your right to stay in the accommodation and your deposit. Remember that each lease is different and contains restrictions and obligations specific to the property you are renting. If you get a new lease, you should always take the time to familiarize yourself with it. Your contract is called Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). The actual duration of the lease and contractual clauses may vary. Aspire first offers a lease of at least six months and a maximum of 12 months, as well as an extension option after the initial term that will be negotiated. This is subject to the agreement of each owner, as in some cases the owners may agree that contracts will be awarded for a longer period. The list below includes some of the most important responsibilities and obligations that are implied for tenants either by the rental agreement or by law. Your termination date will be set from the first Monday following receipt of your written notification or form. If you are a common tenant, both tenants must confirm the request in writing. If you terminate a lease for a deceased person, you must send us a period of two weeks and a copy of the death certificate within the time limit.

The discount that will be offered to you will depend on your rental period and the maximum regional discounts set by the government. Adding people or adding to a lease is reviewed individually by our neighborhood team. While we add people to rental agreements if you wish, the person must have lived with the tenant for at least a year before. To make a request, log in to your account to contact your neighborhood coordinator. an insured tenant and have maintained a rental agreement for an uninterrupted period of three years You may be entitled to buy if you are before the 1st. On 2 February 2000 tenants at Newcastle Borough Council and have remained tenants at Aspire Housing since then. If your tenancy has been interrupted since February 1, 2000, you may not be entitled to do so. According to the terms of the rental agreement, the owner must insure the property and its own contents. The landlord will not offer insurance to cover the tenants` personal belongings or furniture. Aspire recommends that all tenants take out insurance contained at the same time as the start of the lease. Once a person has entered into a support and development contract with Aspire, they receive regular staff visits who help them gain the knowledge and skills they need to maintain a lease and a healthy lifestyle and identify goals and aspirations for their own progress. .

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