8.3 Without prejudice to other corrective measures available to the purchaser, the purchaser is authorized to repair or deliver replacement items at the seller`s expense or to re-execute them within seven (7) days of notification under this contract; or (b) depending on the buyer`s choice alone and if the buyer has previously asked the seller to repair or deliver alternative products or re-export the services, to treat the contract as leaned off by the seller`s violation and to demand a refund of the price (or part of it) paid by the buyer for the goods and services refused. 2.4 The goods are labelled in accordance with the buyer`s instructions and the applicable rules or requirements of the carrier, duly packaged and secure, suitable for further travel and/or air cargo, in order to reach its destination in an intact state in the normal course. To avoid doubts, all barrels, containers and other packaging are no longer clean, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 10.1.3 The Seller`s breach of one of the previous provisions of paragraphs 10.1.1 and 10.1.2 is considered a substantial irreparable breach of that contract and allows the purchaser to terminate the contract with the seller without compensation without delay. 11.5 The seller undertakes to immediately stick with the buyer in the event of a change in circumstances such as the ineligibility of a contract with the United Kingdom or the United States government and the opening or existence of a government investigation that may affect the seller`s performance in connection with the order. 11.1 The execution of the order may involve the use or access of multiple products and technologies, including in the United States. The seller must comply with all applicable export laws, rules and rules, including, but not limited to, those of the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States (the following are referred to as “export laws and rules”). From time to time, the United Nations, the European Union (and its individual member states) and the United States may impose trade sanctions or trade embargoes with a given nation. The scope of the export laws and regulations covered by this clause includes these sanctions and embargoes. The seller must comply with all export laws and regulations as well as all licenses issued there.