The decision to impose a fine or diploma or (d) any other adverse application; Notification, request or sanction received by FRANCHISEE regarding the operation of the STORE or the site, including any alleged violations of the law, including violations of health, safety or work law, including all actual or threatened labour or strike disputes, work stoppages, lockouts or other employment contract incidents, and makes available copies of all correspondence and other related communications. FRANCHISEE recruits all STORE employees, is solely responsible for the terms of their employment and remuneration, and implements a training program for STORE employees in accordance with FRANCHISORs standards. FRANCHISEE is committed to maintaining at all times a team of trained staff sufficient to operate the STORE in accordance with FRANCHISORs standards. FRANCHISEE agrees that all executives recruited by franchises may be required to sign an agreement containing non-competitive and confidential information agreements, essentially similar to those in Section 14, paragraph E, and Section 7 of Section 7. (2) FRANCHISOR has exclusive and absolute discretion over all matters related to the marketing fund, including (but without limitation to) its management, all financial matters, expenses, revenues and/or investments by the marketing fund, the date of expenditures, creative concepts, content, materials and notes for marketing programs, as well as geographic location, market and media. The marketing fund can be used at the discretion of FRANCHISORs to cover (among other things) the costs of preparing, producing, distributing and using marketing, advertising and other materials and programs; managing national, regional and other marketing programs, media purchasing, employment of advertising, advertising and other agencies and businesses; And support for public relations, market research and other advertising and marketing activities, as well as any expenses related to franchisees, provided that these advice and expenses are approved by FRANCHISOR. A brief statement on the availability of information regarding the purchase of GLORIA JEANS franchises may be included in advertisements and other items produced and/or distributed through the marketing fund. FRANCHISEE acknowledges that it has received a copy of this agreement and all related agreements at least five (5) working days prior to the completion date of this contract. FRANCHISEE also acknowledges that FRANCHISEE has received the disclosure document required by the Federal Trade Commission`s Trade Code Rule, which is entitled Obligations and Prohibitions of Disclosure for Franchising and Business Opportunity Enterprises and applicable government laws, if they exist, at least ten (10) working days prior to the date the agreement was executed.