Every coach-client relationship is different, but whether you`re a life or business coach who wants to establish a contract, there are a few things that should not be missed in your agreements with each client. A life coaching contract can function as a hybrid contract. It can be available for all kinds of meetings, catering for the customer and the ability to choose anything most convenient for the parties. Another often overlooked element is the confidentiality clause. A confidentiality clause prevents any party from disclosing protected and privileged information. It is important to note that the life-coaching contract is not protected by confidentiality, which means that the Life Coach may be required to pass on confidential information to the authorities. Obligations and responsibilities of the Life Coach and the client. The Life Coach and the client are committed to respecting their obligations in respect of this life coaching contract. The parties recognize that the responsibilities and obligations of the parties under this contract are essential to the success of the client-coaching relationship. Technology has changed the way we work. This means that a life coach is not limited to personal sessions. Some life coaches perform their services by phone, email or video chat. The exact location and type of services should be included in the contract.

If it is a personal meeting, the location (including address) must be indicated. In addition to the coaching contract, the documentation of the process plays an important role. You can also ask yourself questions such as in this post, we will save you a lot of time, bereavement and travel to the therapist by making some of the basics that should be covered in your first day coaching contract. Speaking of legality, it is important to contact a lawyer to verify your life coaching agreement. The lawyer is familiar with local laws and laws and can verify the compliance and applicability of your document. In this case, we are here because a student has purchased a coaching contract from you, the coach, and the purpose of this document is to ensure that your student understands and accepts all the terms of the contract before you start providing the service. A coaching contract is mandatory and sets the expectations, rules and tone for the entire coaching trip. Here is a model coaching contract. Dispute resolution is an essential part of a life coaching contract. It defines the responsibility of each party to begin negotiations in good faith first before taking legal action.

The agreement may also provide that the parties also go through mediation or arbitration before taking legal action against the other party. It is also important to determine which party is responsible for legal fees in the event of a dispute. So you have it. Everything you need to know to make your coaching business legally congruent and protected from litigation and plagiarism.