and to compel that other person or person, or corporation, or both, to mortgage securities, contractual rights and other property for the benefit of such an electrical project. Any corporation is also authorized to mortgage or use holders of bonds, debt or other supporting documents issued by that corporation for the debt, such as security for their payment, income, securities, contractual rights or any other property. Such collateral defines the highest priority and value of this collateral with respect to other pledges, if any, of the same revenues, securities, contractual rights or other assets of that public body or corporation. Any collateral of products, securities, contractual rights or other property made by such a public body or corporation, or both, in accordance with this section, is valid and binding from the date of collateral. Revenues, securities, securities, contractual rights or other assets thus mortgaged by this public body or by a corporation or by an agent or any other person or other person or subsequently held are immediately subject to the pledge of collateral without physical delivery or other deeds; and the right to pledge the deposit is valid and binding on all parties who have claims of any kind, by unlawful act, in a contract or by any other means, against the public body or the corporation that hands over such collateral, without their knowledge or not. The resolution, the confidence note, the security agreement or any other instrument used to establish a pledge is not submitted or registered. All parties made in the defendants and through which the Tribunal is competent in such a validation procedure must explain why this contract or agreement and its terms should not be considered by the Tribunal as to the validity of the conditions, as well as the circumstances and conditions imposed on the parties to this contract or this agreement and all its obligations considered valid and binding. to the parties. The notice of such a procedure is included in the notice of validation hearing, which must be adopted and published in accordance with paragraph 7, point c; a copy of the complaint in this proceeding and a copy of that notification are served on each defendant in accordance with paragraph 1. and 2) and through whom the Tribunal is responsible for such a validation procedure.

Any person established in that state or any person who is not domiciled in that state or who is in that state, whether he is entitled to carry out transactions in that state, who enters into contracts with such a public body or corporation, or both, in any way, in the context of such an electrical project , may intervene in the validation procedure, and a reason or any refusal of validity or undertaking in dispute, the agreement in its own name and on behalf of such a public body and all citizens, inhabitants and landowners of the state. A person who was not on the record at the time of sentencing cannot appeal. A decision on the validity of such a contract or agreement, which has not been appealed within the statutory time limit from the date of the date of the validation judgment, or, if an appeal is upheld in the context of the appeal procedure, is intended for that legal person and any party to which the court has jurisdiction in such a validation procedure. , forever in a coherent and binding manner.