This happens per kernel, the more physical kernels per host, the higher the cost of the license. In SPLA, this is paid per month, locally it will be part of a license agreement that will probably last 1-3 years. Before providing Dell EMC Cloud to Microsoft Azure Stack Hub, customers must read and approve the End User License Agreement (EULA) for OpenManage Network Manager/OpenManage Enterprise. As a direct and indirect Azure CSP provider, Dell Technologies offers enterprise organizations and our business partners a consumption-based license to Azure Stack Hub. Through CSP, Dell Technologies offers distribution, supply, billing and support. Dell Technologies charges our enterprise customers monthly, but the CSP agreement is not contractual. Our partners who use the indirect CSP program charge their end customers for their use of Azure in the format they have chosen, whether they are bundled or simply in transit with other services. For more information about Azure CSP, see Azure in CSP. Azure Stack services with pay-for-use are available in your EA and are sold in the same way as Azure services. This means that Azure Stack is purchased through a monetary commit SKU for your Azure or SCE record. You can use the same contract, pool of money, and subscription credentials for your Azure services and Azure Stack. If you have an existing Azure agreement, you don`t need additional agreements or purchases of financial commitments – you just have to enter your subscription ID when installing the system….